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Interactive Design

Journey Maps

Portfolio version of Caregiver Journey  (1584 × 396 px) (Infographic) (2000 × 800 px) (11

This journey map was made for a company that was experiencing "growing pains" during a transition to a standard operating model. Roles were created, other roles were transformed, and employees were having difficulty identifying where each new role "fit" into the process. 


The journey maps allowed all involved with the caregiver to better understand the experience of the caregiver throughout their time with the company. This journey map was also used to continue to improve the caregiver experience at every touchpoint. Gaps were identified and addressed to make the journey smoother for the caregiver. 

Departments were better able to align around the important task of supporting the caregiver. Better business decisions were made by understanding the journey. Understanding the key points where high-touch customer service was needed was of significant importance to making the necessary changes company-wide.

Audience: All corporate employees

Responsibilities: Visual Design, Research, and stakeholder collaboration

Tools / Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Stock, Adobe Color, Canva

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